How to create Minockio

MINOCKIO is a cartoon version of a person. Creating a Minockio is similar to drawing a cartoon (cute + capture overall looks and characters), and is different from drawing a portrait (exact likeness). If you want some quick tips to get you started, here are a few simple steps that you can try!

  1. Get a mental picture of the person
  2. Choose face type and hair style
  3. Choose eyes and eyebrows
  4. Choose mouth and nose
  5. Choose clothing
  6. Review and adjust
  7. Done :)

  1. Get a mental picture of the person.
  2. Choose face type and hair style.
  3. They are the biggest features of the face and are easiest to choose. All faces are unique. There might not be an exact face shape or a hairstyle that exactly match you. Choose the ones that look closest.

  4. Choose eyes and eye brows.
  5. *** In most cases, these two will greatly affect how your Minockio “feels” (the personalities!). The eyes and the eyebrows are very important. You really do need to focus on these two. It seems the eyes are the windows to the soul indeed : ) ***

    The Eye.

    THE EYEBROWS. Same with the eyes, focus on SHAPE, ANGLE, and POSITION relative to the eyes.

  6. Choose mouth and nose.
  7. MOUTH: Choose one that expresses personalities and emotion.
    NOSE: unless the nose is the most prominent feature of a person, choose a smaller nose. A smaller nose would make your Minockio look more cute in general. A big nose may distract attention from the eyes.

  8. Choose clothing
  9. For some people, the way they dress are so unique that it becomes an accent of their personality. So you may choose the clothes that tells the personalities. Or you could you dress up, dress down, or pick one of our fancy costumes!!!

    Ta da!

  10. Review and adjust.
  11. Usually you will still have to adjust position of the eyes, move the eyebrows, choose another nose, etc. to arrive at a well balanced Minockio that you and your friend will love. If your Minockio still does not look “right”, revisit:

    face shape? hairstyle?
    MOST IMPORTANTLY: Is the FOCUS of the person correct?

    As you fine tune, consider the overall look of the face, not each individual facial feature separately. For example, if the main feature of the person is super big nose, but she also has a set of big eyes, you may need to decide which one is more important. If the nose is the more important feature that makes your face your face, then you may need to choose a new smaller, less outstanding eyes, in order to allow the nose to stand out.

    Let’s see how your Minockio looks like!

    HAVE FUN!!!