Our Story

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In early 2012, we heard about 3D Printing, and believed that it could help us solve a problem. We bought handcrafted figurines for our friends and families in the past. Overall, they were great gifts except for one little catch. Being handcrafted, the quality sometimes varied, and there had been times when the figures came out not quite like the actual persons.

Here at Minockio, we’ve created a place where you can design your own mini cartoon figurine, and then we print your design into physical form exactly as you’ve designed it. Whether it be a look-alike of the actual person, maybe a funny-looking, exaggerated version of a friend, or wherever your imagination may lead, we hope you have fun designing it, and the person who receives it enjoy a unique gift.

Have fun. And maybe we’ll see you and your Minockio later. We are on Facebook and Instagram. If you have any advice or suggestions, please share them with us, as we would love to hear them. Thanks again.

Teerapat M. Kampol L. Chat C. Bangkok, Thailand